Do Guinea Pigs Like the Dark?

Guinea pigs are energetic animals and they continue to be active, whether its day or night.

If you have a guinea pig and are wondering if they like the dark, you’ve come to the right place.

Do Guinea Pigs Like the Dark?

Unlike humans, guinea pigs cannot see anything in the dark.

They do not have a strong depth perception, which not only results in poor eyesight but also makes it harder for them to judge the height and the distance around them.

However, that doesn’t stop them from using their senses to roam around in their cage with absolutely no issues.

Guinea pigs have a very strong memory, which helps them remember the way.

If you’re thinking of installing a night light in your pet’s cage, it may not be the best idea since it may just confuse them further.

A bright light in an enclosed space might make your guinea pig think that it’s still morning or afternoon, which means they might not sleep or eat properly.

A messed-up sleep schedule can easily make them sick.

Another reason why you should not expose your guinea pig to bright light at night is that they like to stay in the dark during the night.

It is no secret that guinea pigs are prey animals and at the slightest of sound or noise, they look for a place to hide.

At night, guinea pigs feel more secure and less stressed since they are aware that it is harder to find them in the dark.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Sleeping in the Dark?

Guinea pigs sleep in small intervals.

For example, your guinea pig will sleep for 10 minutes, wake up and then go back to sleep.

This cycle is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about. However, at night, guinea pigs may sleep for longer since they feel more secure in the dark.

Plus, if you keep them in a quiet space with no light, they will automatically start taking longer naps.

Even during the day, your guinea pig will choose the darker side of the room or crawl under the bedding to take a nap since they feel protected from their surroundings this way.

What Senses Do Guinea Pigs Rely on to See in the Dark?

Besides using their memory, guinea pigs also rely on some of their other senses to make sense of the dark.


Guinea pigs have an amazing sense of hearing.

They can hear a higher frequency of sound that humans cannot, which helps them find their way in the dark and also stay alert of loud noises at all times.

So it is advisable to keep guinea pigs away from loud noises since they can easily become stressed.


Guinea pigs also have a very strong sense of smell.

This helps them communicate with humans, other pets, and their families.

Their sense of smell also helps them recognize their surroundings in a better manner.

If your guinea pig rushes to you when you are eating, the chances are that they have smelt your food and want a bite.

How Far Can Guinea Pigs See?

Unlike their sense of hearing and smell, guinea pigs do not have very strong eyes.

They can only see up to 3 to 6 feet ahead of them.

Far away objects or people are blurred to them and that is why your guinea pig gets agitated by shadows or someone approaching them.

Do Guinea Pigs See Sideways Or Straight?

Your pet’s eyes are placed on either side of their head, which means they do not only have a straight vision like you do.

Guinea pigs can see everything – both straight and sideways – since they have a 340-degree vision.

Don’t think your guinea pig can’t see you when they have your back to you – they can see everything around them, which helps them run from predators in the wild.

Even though guinea pigs can see sideways and straight, they cannot see what’s happening below their nose.

This is where their strong sense of smell comes in.

When trying to look for food, guinea pigs use their noses to determine whether it is something they want to consume or not.

Can I Tell If My Guinea Pig is blind?

Just like humans, some guinea pigs are born blind.

It’s easy to detect blindness in a human, but it can be a little difficult in a baby guinea pig since they use their strong sense of hearing and smell to detect the sounds and smells around them.

Your guinea pig won’t be able to tell you, so you will have to keep an eye on their actions.

If your guinea pig wasn’t born blind, it can turn blind during adulthood.

If you own a guinea pig, there are a few ways to tell whether your guinea pig can see or not. If you put food in front of them, your guinea pig will smell it and eat it.

However, if you pile objects in their way, not too far away from them, just a few inches away, your guinea pig may not be able to detect them and bump into them, which is a huge sign that they have lost their eyesight.

Another way to make sure whether your pet can see or not is by testing their memory.

Move things from their usual place in their cage and if you find your guinea pig searching for them, they might be blind.

You can also flash a torch into their eye and if you see white eyeballs rather than red, your guinea pig has turned or was born blind.

If you do believe that your guinea pig is turning blind or is blind, you don’t need to worry too much.

If you still cannot figure out whether your guinea pig can see or not, it is best to take them to a vet immediately.

Guinea pigs can use their memory and sense of hearing and smell to navigate through their cage and your house.

They can’t see below their nose and it does not affect them in any way, so even if they lose their eyesight, they won’t be in any imminent danger.

Just make sure not to move objects in their cage too often, or they will bump into things.


To sum things up, guinea pigs do like the dark. In fact, they prefer to sleep in the dark since it makes them feel much safer.

Even though they cannot see very well in the dark, their memory can help them get around.

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