How Big Does a Guinea Pig Get?

How Big Does a Guinea Pig Get

A guinea pig’s size can vary based on age, gender, breed, and diet. It’s important to know their average weight so that you can monitor their diet effectively. In turn, …

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Can Guinea Pigs Live Alone?

Can Guinea Pigs Live Alone

If you have recently bought a new guinea pig or you had a pair and lost one of your cavy friends, I am sure you must be wondering whether guinea …

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Why Do Guinea Pigs Chirp?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Chirp

Guinea pigs make a variety of sounds, and chirping is one of them. There are a few reasons why a guinea pig may chirp. However, the most common reason is …

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Do Guinea Pigs Blink?

Do Guinea Pigs Blink

Yes, guinea pigs do blink, but only when necessary, like in the moments they need to keep dirt and dust out of their eyes. Even though guinea pigs have eyelids, …

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Do Guinea Pigs and Dogs Get Along?

Do Guinea Pigs and Dogs get Along

Guinea pigs and dogs can get along in the same household if introduced properly. Both guinea pigs and dogs are popular pet choices for children. Moreover, both dogs and guinea …

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