Do Guinea Pigs Need Bedding? 4 Best Bedding Options!

Guinea pigs make great pets, but once you bring them into your house, it is important to keep in mind that they require a lot of attention.

After getting a guinea pig, your first priority should be making sure that your guinea pig is comfortable in its cage.

The best way to do that is by knowing what they need.

Let’s discuss whether guinea pigs need bedding to feel comfortable and safe in their homes.

Do Guinea Pigs Need Bedding?

Yes, guinea pigs do need bedding in their cage. If you do not provide bedding, your guinea pig may feel uncomfortable and cold at night.

Providing bedding inside a guinea pig’s case is essential since it keeps them warm and protects them from scratches or other sharp objects in their cage.

Guinea pigs are prey, and this is why their first instinct is to always hide.

If there is any apparent danger, (for example, loud noises) your guinea pig will have a place to hide in their bedding.

Bedding will not only help your guinea pig; it will also help you since you can simply replace it when the guinea pig wets it.

It is much easier to simply remove the bedding than clean the cage every time it gets dirty.

Are Some Beddings Better Than Others?

Before getting bedding for your pet’s cage, you need to keep in mind that your guinea pig may not like it.

Just like you, your guinea pig would prefer to sleep on something soft rather than something hard and scratchy.

Guinea pigs also tend to run hot, so they would not want something too warm. Some beddings are softer than others and last much longer.

Here are the different types of bedding that you can get for your guinea pig and their pros and cons.

Types of Bedding

It is common for your guinea pig’s cage to smell like urine, but you can fix that in many ways.

If you get bedding that is good at absorbing liquids and different types of odors, it will keep the air clean and your pet’s cage will also smell much better.

Keep in mind, if you get odor-controlling bedding, it may come with certain chemicals that might be harmful to your guinea pig.

Wood Shavings

One of the most common beddings that are used inside a guinea pig’s cage is wood shavings.

Wood shavings are common, but they are not necessarily the optimal choice since they contain oils that can make your pet sick.

Besides that, wood shavings are also not very absorbent so you will have to clean the cage regularly rather than simply throwing the bedding out and replacing it with a new one.

They are also not odor absorbent, which means your guinea pig will be sleeping in a smelly cage.

Paper Bedding

Paper bedding is another common bedding that can be used in your guinea pig’s cage.

The thing about paper bedding is that it can vary according to different brands.

For example, some paper bedding is extremely absorbent, whereas other bedding is more comfortable.

Some paper bedding can be a little scratchy, but it may be good at absorbing odors.

It is up to you to decide what kind you and your pet would prefer.

Keep in mind that low-quality paper bedding can cause breathing problems for your pet, which can lead to serious allergies.

A sick pet means that you will have to clean up after them more often.

Paper bedding comes in small packages, so you may think that the bedding is small.

However, the bedding is large enough to cover more than half of an average-sized cage and will not cause any problems as long as it’s easily replaced by another one regularly.

When buying paper bedding, keep in mind that the more expensive it is, the better it will be.

Good paper bedding will cost more than wood shavings, but also make sure your pet’s cage does not smell or get wet during any time of the day.

It will also prevent your guinea pig from getting severe allergies or breathing problems.


One of the most popular beddings used by guinea pig owners is a fleece.

It is extremely soft and is a great choice for a cage since it will protect your pet from any scratches.

It also helps with a long, peaceful sleep.

Fleece is also a good absorbent, so when your pig pees in their cage, you can simply remove the bedding instead of cleaning the whole thing.

Fleece is also good for the environment since you can use it again after washing it.


Another choice for your guinea pig’s bedding is hay. Hay is great because your guinea pigs play with it as well as chew on it.

If a guinea pig has hay in its cage, it can keep itself entertained for hours.

However, hay won’t be very effective bedding if your guinea pig ends up eating it every time.

Which Bedding Should You Get?

Wood shavings and paper beddings are commonly used in guinea pig cages.

However, wood shavings can be messy and may start smelling, which will mean your guinea pig might have to live in a dirty and smelly cage.

You will also have to replace wood shavings and paper beddings regularly since they cannot be used again.

Using wood shavings and paper beddings can get expensive after a certain period of time.

The optimal choice is fleece since it is reusable and comfortable. It is cheap, widely available, and easy to use.

Fleece bedding will help you save time when you are cleaning your pet’s cage.

When putting fleece bedding for your guinea pig, make sure to put a towel under the fleece, which will help absorb all the liquids in your cage.

Simply wash the towel and put it back after drying it which will save you a lot of money.

Other Precautions When You Get a Bedding For Your Guinea Pig

One bedding option you should avoid is the newspaper.

It is easy to use as an alternative to fleece or wood shavings, but your pet’s cage will get really messy in a short time.

Your guinea pig will also start eating the newspaper, which can give them respiratory issues. And sometimes the ink from the paper also stains their fur.

Before buying bedding for your pet’s cage, it is important to do some research and choose something that is easy to clean, available near you, and reusable.

If you get bedding that you’re not very familiar with, make sure to keep an eye on your pet to see how they are reacting to it.

Uncomfortable bedding can result in a cranky guinea pig since it may become harder to sleep.

They might also get scratched if the bedding is not thick enough to protect them from the cage.

Your pet might also be allergic to the kind of bedding you choose, which is another reason why you should keep an eye on your pet after putting the bedding in.

Ignoring a sick guinea pig can lead to harmful consequences.

You may not realize this, but comfortable bedding can make your guinea pig’s time in their cage much more pleasant.

Guinea pigs are active and energetic most of the time, so it would be a good idea for them to relax after a long day.

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