Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Own Poop?

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Own Poop

Animals are pretty funny creatures. They engage in many weird habits, like scratching their behinds and eating nontraditional foods like poop. Yes, you read that right. There are many animals …

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Do Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Get Along?

Do guinea Pigs and Hamsters get along

When looking for a partner for their furry guinea pig, people consider adopting hamsters. Guinea pigs and hamsters have many similarities. Both these animals are rodents that have whiskers. They …

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Can Guinea Pigs Die of Loneliness?

Can Guinea Pigs Die of Loneliness

Guinea pigs are hardy, easy to care for, and extremely adorable pets. They’re also quite social and thrive in the company of other fellow cavies. If you’re wondering whether it’s …

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