Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oranges?

Oranges contain a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C, and are extremely healthy.

They can be natural treats for some pets and can make their body stronger and more resistant to various diseases.

As a pet owner, if you are wondering whether your guinea pig can eat oranges, then you have come to the right place.

Are Guinea Pigs Allowed to Eat Oranges?

Guinea pigs can eat oranges. However, just like humans, your guinea pig may have a preference and they might not enjoy the sweet/sour taste of oranges.

However, if your guinea pig does enjoy them, it is a good idea to feed them some since oranges have a lot of health benefits.

Guinea pigs are prone to scurvy and oranges contain vitamin C that can prevent it. Similar to humans, guinea pigs are unable to produce their own vitamins, which means they need to ingest them.

Oranges also have vitamin A and B-6, which will keep your pet’s liver healthy. Oranges also have calcium which can make your guinea pig’s bones and teeth strong.

It is a good idea to feed pregnant guinea pigs oranges, but make sure not to feed an old guinea pig too many oranges since too much calcium can be harmful to them.

What to Keep in Mind When Feeding Oranges to Your Guinea Pigs

Since oranges contain a lot of natural acid, they can be harmful to your guinea pig if consumed in large amounts.

Guinea pigs are quite sensitive and can cause bloating or diarrhea, so be careful when you are feeding them oranges.

Unlike other vegetables and fruits, it is not a good idea to make oranges a regular part of your pet’s diet.

Regularly eating oranges can give them intestinal diseases and mouth sores.

Some guinea pigs are stronger than others but eventually, all guinea pigs will get sick if they consume oranges regularly.

Another reason why guinea pigs should not have oranges often is that they contain a lot of sugar.

Too much sugar can make your guinea pig obese and even give them diabetes, which can result in serious health complications.

Frequency of Feeding

It is best to feed your guinea pig one orange slice per week.

If you increase the quantity, it may have disastrous results like an upset digestive system and obesity.

Giving your guinea pig oranges once a week will also help in maintaining a balanced diet, which will keep them fit and active.

Are Orange Peels Good For Guinea Pigs?

Since orange peels contain a lot of nutrients, it is a good idea to feed your guinea pig the orange peel.

Make sure to cut them into small pieces so your pet can easily swallow them.

Keep in mind that they are just as acidic as the fruit itself, so do not add too many peels to your guinea pig’s bowl.

Is Orange Juice Good For Guinea Pigs?

Orange juice contains a lot of sugar and therefore, is bad for your guinea pig.

Make sure to not give your guinea pig orange juice – not even a little since too much sugar intake can result in diabetes.

Are Orange Seeds Good For Guinea Pigs?

Unlike humans that can swallow orange seeds, orange seeds are not safe for guinea pigs. They are hard and can be a choking hazard.

Make sure to remove even the smallest bit of seeds when serving oranges to your guinea pig.

Is Canned Orange Good For Guinea Pigs?

Canned oranges are not the same as fresh oranges since they contain added preservatives.

Make sure to keep your guinea pigs away from canned oranges at all times.

How to Prepare Oranges for Guinea Pigs

If you’re struggling with preparing oranges for your guinea pig, don’t panic. Simply start by choosing a fresh and ripe orange.

Avoid going with an orange that is stale or green since it can easily make your pet sick in no time.

After picking an orange, make sure to wash it thoroughly since you will not be throwing the peel away.

Chemicals are sprayed on oranges to keep pests away, so it is best to wash all the chemicals away before peeling the orange.

After peeling the orange, pick out the smallest slice for your pet and remove all the hard seeds from it.

Take a small bowl and keep the piece in it. You can add some orange peels and then slide them into your pet’s cage.

Once your pet is done eating, a good idea is to remove all the uneaten food from their cage since bacteria can easily grow in food and give your guinea pig a serious infection if they try consuming it afterward.

Feeding oranges to your guinea pigs is a good idea, but remember that moderation is the key— too many oranges can affect their health negatively.

Fruits are a great addition to your guinea pig’s diet, but they should never replace other types of food that are important for their health, like hay.

If your guinea pig starts showing signs of sickness after eating an orange, contact your vet immediately.

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