Can Guinea Pigs Eat Chocolate?

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate is hands down one of the most delicious treats in the world and is also the universal symbol of love.

Eating chocolates can satisfy your sugar cravings and even put you in a better mood. Just like you – your pets probably like chocolate, too.

However, just because your pets want something does not mean you should give it to them.

Read more to learn whether chocolates are good for your guinea pig’s health and if they should consume them.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Chocolate?

No, guinea pigs cannot consume chocolate. Since their digestive systems are quite fragile, they can’t process sugar well.

Chocolate also contains theobromine, which can have a very similar effect to caffeine in the body and since guinea pigs can’t have caffeine, chocolate is also on the list of things they should not have.

Guinea pigs are sensitive and caffeine can speed up their heart rate, which can result in your guinea pig’s death.

If your guinea pig consumes chocolate, it will not die, but it will get serious health issues that may get complicated in the long run.

Since guinea pigs love to munch on treats, they might even ‘beg’ you to give them some chocolate.

However, keep in mind never to give your guinea pig chocolate (no matter what quantity) since they can get extremely sick.

Guinea Pig Nutrition

A guinea pig’s diet includes hay. Hay is a staple for guinea pigs as it helps their teeth grow and keeps them healthy.

Fresh fruits, like apples, every once in a while, are also part of their diet so that they can get vitamins and other nutrients that help them survive.

Guinea pigs also need vegetables since they make their teeth sharp and bones strong.

Since guinea pigs are herbivores, make sure to never feed them any kind of meat because they cannot digest it at all.

Never give your guinea pig foods like sweets or candy, even though your pet may really prefer it.

In the long run, these foods are harmful to your guinea pig’s health and can cause severe problems.

Benefits of Consuming Chocolate

Even though it is an extremely bad idea to give your guinea pig chocolates, consuming chocolate has its benefits.

Chocolates contain protein, fiber and various vitamins that are great for the body. Chocolates have iron, which makes them a good choice for guinea pigs that have an iron deficiency.

Chocolates also have calcium, which makes your guinea pig’s teeth and bones strong.

Chocolates come with antioxidants, result in healthy blood and give your pet more energy to perform tasks.

However, all these benefits don’t outweigh the risks of giving chocolate to your guinea pig.

Risks of Giving Chocolate to Your Guinea Pigs

Weight Gain

One of the biggest reasons why you should keep chocolate away from your pet at all times is that chocolate has a very high-calorie intake.

Chocolate contains a lot of sugar, fat, and carbs – all of the nutrients that can easily result in weight gain.

You may not gain weight immediately after eating chocolate, but guinea pigs can put on weight very fast.

Chocolate can be addicting and when it is consumed in excess, your guinea pig can gain weight very fast.

An obese guinea pig is prone to getting diabetes, which can lead to serious health complications.

Digestive Issues

Besides weight gain, chocolate can give your guinea pig serious digestion problems.

Chocolate contains sugar and theobromine, which can easily cause stomach aches and cramps.

Even though they will love the treat when they are consuming it, they will get immediately get sick afterward.

Too much sugar can upset the stomach and the theobromine in chocolate can also result in nausea.

Heart Pressure Issues

Since chocolate can speed up the metabolism process in your body, too much chocolate can increase the speed of your heart.

Guinea pigs are small and fragile and do not have the same resistance power as humans, which means even a little chocolate can lead to severe heart pressure problems.

Increased heartbeat can be extremely dangerous and can easily turn fatal.

An increased heart rate can also result in high blood pressure, which is very dangerous for your small pet.

Urinary Problems

Phosphorus and calcium are great for the body, but if consumed in high amounts, they can get dangerous.

Phosphorus and calcium are a huge threat to your guinea pig’s urinary system since they can cause kidney stones, UTI, painful urinating, and blood in your pet’s urine.

If things get worse, your guinea pig’s kidneys can stop functioning completely.

What to Do If Your Guinea Pig Consumes Chocolate

Guinea pigs are restless and tend to run around your home.

They may sometimes consume items that they should not, and chocolate can be one of them. If your guinea pig does eat chocolate, no need to panic.

The severity of the situation depends on the quantity of chocolate they have eaten. If they have eaten a small bite, your pet will be fine.

They may get some cramps, but will not face any heart pressure problems or digestive issues.

However, if your guinea pig consumed a lot of chocolate, they may get severe diarrhea and their heartbeat may increase. They can also get nausea.

If your pet has eaten chocolate by mistake, make sure to keep a close eye on them for the next few days to see how they are behaving.

Your guinea pig might look sick and make sounds, which will indicate that they are in pain. Keep in mind to check their stool for signs, too.

To make them feel better, you can always give your pet some lettuce and cucumber.

Both these vegetables can make them feel better and keep them hydrated.

If they still look and feel sick after a few days, it is best to take them to the vet since there must be seriously wrong with them.

Other Treats Guinea Pigs Shouldn’t Eat

Guinea pigs are energetic rodents, and this is why they need a lot of food.

However, your guinea pigs cannot consume everything that you can.

Like chocolate, here are a few things to keep away from your pet at all times.


No matter what kind, meat is a huge no for your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs cannot digest meat and it can make them seriously sick in no time.


Whether it’s cheese, yogurt or cream, your guinea pig should never consume any of it.

Your guinea pig does not have the enzymes to digest dairy, which means they will fall seriously ill.


Avocados will not make your pet sick, but they are high in fat, which means consuming it will make them obese.

Make sure to avoid the soft meat inside when you are feeding your guinea pig avocados, which should not be very often.


Onions are harmful to your guinea pigs since they can make your pet ill.

Consuming onions can cause blood disorders, which can even turn fatal in no time.


Even though guinea pigs can eat beans, it is best to keep them away from beans since they make them extremely gassy.


Keep your guinea pigs away from garlic since it can poison them very easily.

If your guinea pig does consume garlic, visit a vet immediately or your guinea pig may die.

Plants with Pesticides

Make sure never to feed your pet plants that are treated with pesticides. Guinea pigs are extremely sensitive to all chemicals and even the residue.

Consuming pesticides will result in renal failure, which can easily turn fatal.


Your guinea pig needs certain nutrients to remain healthy.

As a pet owner, you need to know what food is healthy for your guinea pet and what should be avoided at all costs.

While small amounts of chocolate will not affect your guinea pig’s health, it is still recommended to keep chocolate away from them since they can get sick very easily.

If your pet looks or feels sick after eating chocolate by mistake, visit a vet immediately.

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