Why Do Guinea Pigs Do Popcorn Jump?

Guinea pigs are fluffy little domesticated creatures that require very little maintenance.

As a guinea pig pet owner, have you ever been surprised to see your fluffy pet leap and jump into the air?

Well, there is no reason to be shocked or worried. Popcorn jump behavior is very common among guinea pigs.

This behavior is called popcorning because it appears very similar to how popcorn pops.

Previously, it was also regarded as ‘pogoing’ due to its uncanny resemblance to riding a pogo stick.

However, it’s called popcorning now because it sounds way cuter than the other words.

Now that we have covered what popcorning is, let’s address the main question— why do guinea pigs popcorn in the first place?

Why do Guinea Pigs Do the Popcorn Jump?

Like we said before, if you ever find your furry pet jumping around don’t worry.

Like human beings, they also jump in joy and excitement. So, in simple terms, popcorning in guinea pigs is a sign of happiness and content.

It can be expected if you’re providing your guinea pig with a few things, including a nutritious and balanced diet, clean and unpolluted water, regular playtime, and personal attention.

It is perfectly normal for your guinea pigs to popcorn, and you’ll find them executing such behavior from time to time plus these fluffy babies look adorable when doing so.

It is a matter of concern if you believe that you’re offering your fluffy little friend all the aforementioned things, but it still isn’t popcorning.

Guinea pig owners should also bear in mind that when their guinea pig popcorns, it can also be a sign of fear.

So, it is crucial to consider the circumstances under which your tiny pet starts exhibiting such behavior.

If you feel like your pet is doing so based on fear, then you should immediately pinpoint the cause and get rid of it.

How High Can Guinea Pigs Jump?

This is a very debatable question. The height of a jump highly relies on the guinea pigs.

The younger ones are more prone to jumping and tend to jump higher than the older guinea pigs.

The weight of the guinea pigs also plays an important role in how high a guinea pig can jump.

The heavier the guinea pig, the more difficult it is for them to jump.

How Frequently Do Guinea Pigs Popcorn?

As a guinea pig owner, you might be concerned that your guinea pig doesn’t popcorn as much as it used to when it was young.

If you’ve noticed that change, don’t be too concerned. Guinea pigs popcorn much more when they’re younger as compared to when they get older.

The frequency of popcorning may go down, but they still do so once in a while, especially when they see their treat on its way.

There is no specific limit placed on the number of popcorns a guinea pig can do as it’s a natural behavior and entirely varies from situation to situation.

Can Guinea Pigs Control Popcorning?

Popcorning is a type of partially-controlled behavior exhibited by guinea pigs.

This behavior is mostly attached to an emotion that can be triggered due to multiple reasons.

As a guinea pig owner, you can control the popcorning of your guinea pig.

It’s already been established that guinea pigs popcorn due to joy and excitement, so you will have to monitor to see what makes your little pet happy.

Popcorning can also be done involuntarily at times.

Oftentimes, when guinea pigs get really frightened due to an event, for instance, they start popcorning unintentionally.

This may occur in instances like when there’s a storm outside or very loud thunder.

We can conclude that guinea pigs can mostly control their popcorning, but sometimes, it just happens involuntarily.

How to Make Your Guinea Pig Popcorn Offer Your Pet a Treat

Guinea pigs love eating. They need to have a nutritious and healthy diet, comprising of lots of fruits and veggies.

Offer your pet a treat at least once a day – this will encourage popcorning. Just remember not to overdo it since it can cause your furry friend to get diarrhea.

Select a few healthy options to incorporate in your pet’s diet and see it popcorn like a cute little creature.

A few vegetables to include in your guinea pig’s diet are carrots, lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower, whereas a few fruits to include are strawberries, apples, oranges, blueberries, peaches, papaya, and pineapple.

You will know that your pig prefers a certain kind of treat if you see it popcorning when it consumes that.

Place a New Toy InYour Pet’s Cage

Guinea pigs love new toys; they are great fans of ladders and boxes.

In order to keep your fluffy little friend happy, reward it by placing new toys and items in its cage.

Surprising your guinea pig with a new toy will cause it to popcorn out of happiness. If your pet doesn’t start popcorning upon seeing it, then it might start popcorning after playing with it.

In order to keep your guinea pig happy and satisfied, you can keep changing its toys.

This way, your guinea pig will have a different toy to play with every time so it will remain fully entertained.

You can swap out a toy with a tunnel, playbox, or ladder to ensure that your pet remains happy and satisfied. This will encourage popcorning.

Allow Your Guinea Pig Out Of Its Cage

Allow your tiny little pet outside its cage once in a while.

Guinea pigs are social creatures that love being let out of their cage. It gives them the freedom and space to run and jump around.

Letting your guinea pig outside its cage is a great way to encourage popcorning. However, many people discourage this.

Make sure that when you let your little friend outside its cage, it is highly supervised and the area where you allow it to play is completely safe.

Avoid letting it out near holes or spaces that your pet might get itself into. Ensure to cover up any wires in the area to keep your guinea pig from chewing on them.

Pet Your Guinea Pig

Your guinea pig requires your love and attention. Hold your guinea pig slowly and pet it for a while.

Guinea pigs tend to have a very sensitive bone structure, so make sure to take this under consideration.

Offer your furry little friend support under its chest and place your other hand under its hindquarters.

Stroke your guinea pig gently and then put it back in its cage. This will increase the chances of your guinea pig popcorning.

Meet Their Basic Needs to Keep Your Pet Happy

Even though they’re low-maintenance animals, guinea pigs have a few basic requirements too.

They need enough space to sleep, eat and do some activities. Make sure that you don’t place your pet in an enclosed space as it can affect its health deeply.

Conduct your research before you purchase a cage as different guinea pigs have different shelter requirements.

Buy a cage that is well-bottomed with a solid floor to reduce the risk of injury.

After buying the perfect cage, you will have to place it in an area that is warm and free from cold drafts as guinea pigs can get cold very easily.

Placing it in a cold space will make your little pet very uneasy and unhappy.

At What Age Do Guinea Pigs Stop Popcorning?

There is no specific age at which your guinea pig will stop popcorning.

You just need to bear in mind that guinea pigs popcorn more often when they’re young as they are active and full of energy.

However, as they grow older, their body gets bulkier, restricting them from popcorning more often.

There are guinea pigs that are as old as four years, but they still popcorn.

Is Popcorning Good for Guinea Pig?

Well, since popcorning is an indicator of happiness if your guinea pig is popcorning, then that’s definitely a good sign. If the frequency of it popcorning is high, then it’s definitely a better sign.

Additionally, the act of popcorning is also associated with releasing stress. However, it can also be a sign of fear or terror, depending on the situation.

If your guinea pig popcorns at the sound of a vacuum or blender, then it’s safe to assume it is doing so out of fear.

What Is the Difference Between Popcorning and Seizures?

You might confuse popcorning with seizures.

Here is how you can differentiate the two. When having a seizure attack, your pet will fall on their side with their body twitching. You will also hear them letting out painful cries and sighs.

Guinea pigs don’t have actual seizures; it just looks like they are having one.

This behavior is caused by a skin parasite, which is referred to as guinea pig mange. It is triggered due to an intense itching sensation that occurs due to the parasite.

This seizure-type behavior lasts longer than popcorning.

On the other hand, guinea pigs purr and squeak while taking short jumps in the air, reflecting their excitement and happiness.

The Bottom Line

Most of the time, popcorning is not a bad sign. Your guinea pig popcorns because it is happy.

Guinea pigs look the cutest when they’re popcorning.

If you love watching your furry little pets’ popcorn as much as we do, provide them with the best environment and keep them warm, healthy, and happy!

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